Create Your Own Wall Art


The other day I decided to add some wall art to my living space as I thought it needed a little more character. Found myself at Ikea and spent ages looking at the wall art there and just could not make up my mind!

So then I decided that I would just create my own wall art!

I like to make and create things and I am also guilty of being a HUGE lover of great packaging, patterns and textures, so if you are like me and like to get quite creative then this may interest you.

I found an old GLASSHOUSE candle packaging that I love and saw fit for my new “mini creative” assignment.

Anyways, seeing that I was just holding onto it I thought I would repurpose the packaging and I decided to incorporate it in my own wall art idea.

If you have frames and nothing to put in them, do not fret this is the perfect time to make use of them.

The good part about this is that you can have more personalised wall art with sentimental value and you can also save. Winning!

This is really easy and quick trust me!

What I did

So the packaging that I used is this gorgeous pink and gold marble effect packaging, which by the way feels really nice as well. So I thought I would keep it simple and opted for something circular.


I cut out circles on the sides of the box with no type. Although if you’re going to try this and you like the logo or type then go right ahead and use that up too.


Next I just took a plain sheet of paper. Now, you can get creative here and use different colours, patterns or textures. Completely up to you.

I then measured it to make sure it could fit my frame. Then I simply scrunched up the paper like so:


After that I straightened it out but not too much that the paper loses its new texture. Like this:img_4996

Next I placed the circles on the glass of the frame in the manner I desired. Placed the plain paper right over and gave it one last smooth down to ensure it fits the frame. And there you have it. Your very own wall art!


This is not only a super easy way of giving your space more character, but it is also fun and personable. Have fun with it! Enjoy!


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